In this review, we will take a closer look at the Instant Cash App

In this review, we will take a closer look at the Instant Cash App

While binary options trading is getting more and more popular each day, it is also getting more and more difficult to differentiate between the genuine automated trading robots which are designed to simplify the trading process from the scams. Especially for traders who have already been scammed once or twice, they will find it extremely to believe what many developers of binary options trading solutions are offering. To help our readers in making a more informed decision before signing for an automated trading system, we conduct an in-depth review of the automated trading systems that pop up on the market. To find out if this trading system is a legitimate trading system or just a scam, check out our review of it.

What is the Instant Cash App?

The Instant Cash App is said to be the creation by an entrepreneur called e Stefan. According to both these individuals, the Instant Cash App trading robot has such a high winning ratio that it is able to generate as such as $2000 in daily profits. However from what we observed about the website for the Instant Cash App, we think that it is not as reliable as claimed.

The first thing that we noticed about the website for the Instant Cash App is the volume of advertisements displayed on the website. Given the fact that the website is the front portal for a company or product, we find it odd that the developers for the Instant Cash App would want to devalue the brand with advertisements rather than promote it.

Secondly, we also noted that there is very little useful information on the website about the Instant Cash App or how it works. The impression that one gets from visiting the website is that of a snake oil salesman trying to flog off a bunch of snake oil remedies.

How does it work?

The Instant Cash App is said to be able to scan the financial markets to look for profitable trades. Once a trading opportunity is identified, it will generate an appropriate trading signal to the trader. The trader can then choose to act on the signal or just ignore it. However if the automatic trading mode is on, the Instant Cash App will execute the trade automatically.

While the system is available free of charge, prospective subscribers to the Instant Cash App are required to sign up and open a live trading account with one of the recommended brokers and make an initial deposit of $250 into the trading account. It should be noted that none of the brokers recommended by the Instant Cash App is regulated and hence offers no consumer protection to any of the traders which signed up with them.

Final conclusion

Many beginner traders are drawn to trading solutions such as the Instant Cash App as it supposedly offers them a simple solution to their problems. In addition, these automated trading robots also promises high returns for users who placed their faith in the system. The fact is there is no simple solution in the online financial trading world. Most of these trading robots are basically scams which are designed to entice beginner traders to sign up with a bunch of unknown and unregulated brokers which will then take your money away. In our opinion, we believe that the Instant Cash App is such a scheme as the developers of this system is unable to furnish any proof that the system works as claimed.

Furthermore as we have mentioned earlier, you are required to deal with unregulated brokers who can anytime scam you out of your deposit of $250 simply by rigging their trading platform to make you lose all your hard earned money. Our recommendation to our readers is for them to avoid signing up with the Instant Cash App as it is most likely a scam rather than a legitimate trading payday loans MA solution.